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Pai Mu Tan

Pai Mu Tan

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Pai Mu Tan is a White tea that includes new leaves as well as the center needle sprout. While widely considered to be a lower grade than Yinzhen, it is actually a separate category of white tea that includes grades of its own. Bai Mu Dan style is often preferred by white tea drinkers for its fuller flavor and greater potency than the Bai Hao Yinzhen style tea, which is made with undeveloped leaves, and so it is comparatively pale when brewed.

The processing rules require this tea only be picked between March 15 and April 10. It is not picked on days that may be raining or if the dew has not dried or if there is frost on the ground. No purple buds are allowed and the stems must not be too long or too short. Partially open leaves or leaves damaged by wind, handling, or insects are rejected and put into a lower grade. The best Pai Mu Tan is produced using the two leaves and a bud proportion and is naturally or mechanically withered to produce leaves that are not black or red but green in color.

Decaffeinated CO2 Method.

Caffeine Content: 5-10 mg per 8 oz cup

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