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Badaling Yellow

Badaling Yellow

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This Chinese Yellow tea is from the Yunnan Province and has a very high antioxidant level while containing less caffeine than a typical green tea.  This tea is a premium early spring tea that is perfect for summer with its smooth, clean and refreshing character.  

Ingredients: Chinese Badaling Yellow green tea

Caffeine Content: 25-30 mgs per 8 oz cup


Grown in the Yunnan Province, this wonderful tea actually gets it's name from the world famous Badaling section of the Great Wall of China. Build during the Ming dynasty, Badaling was the first portion of the wall to be restored for the purposes of tourism. So how did a tea originating from a location far south of Badaling end up sharing its name?

The story goes that a young girl, a daughter of a local tea farmer, fell in love with a young guard on leave from his post near the Badaling wall. The couple decided to marry. His plans, however, did not impress his commander; he signed on for a 15 year contract. The young guard was made to return to Badaling, were he pined for his sweetheart for the next 5 years. Packing up one cool spring night, he crept off into the forest near the wall. Tragically, his commander captured him and had him beheaded. Upon questioning the young guard's barrack mates, the commander learned of his plan to try and escape to be with his beloved. The commander sent the young guard's body back to Yunnan in a pine box. The girl received the pine box from Badaling just as she and her father were processing a recent harvest of Meng Ding Huang Ya, the prized grade of yellow tea. As she wept, her tears fell on the baskets of freshly plucked leaf. Seeing her sorrow, the girl's father declared that his prize tea would be known as Badaling Yellow in honor of the young guard. Hand picked, hand sorted, and hand processed. Badaling Yellow is a wonderfully light tea with a smooth flavor perfect for any time of day.


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