Loose Leaf Tea Over Teabags

At the Georgia Tea Company, our goal is to deliver high quality, flavorful teas that you can enjoy over and over. One way we guarantee that is through offering loose leaf teas instead of bagged teas. 

Bagged teas are common across the globe and are most commonly found at supermarkets. Bagged teas have significantly less complex flavor and aroma than loose leaf teas for a couple of reasons. One, a bagged tea is typically made up of crushed leaves (to have it fit into the bag) which sacrifices the flavor profile. Two, bagged teas typically have lower grade leaves as input - mainly, the rejected leaves from loose leaf tea grades (also includes Fannings/Dust grades of tea).

Bagged teas typically have less variety than you will see on our site. We're able to offer a greater diversity of types of tea in its loose leaf form. Our loose leaf teas retain their oils and flavors, therefore delivering a more nuanced flavor profile than bagged alternatives.


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Loose Leaf Tea over Teabags