Pomegranate Fruit

Sweet notes of apple and papaya is offset by the tart flavor of pomegranate in this fruit tisane. Try hot or iced for a healthy hodgepodge of fruits and veggies.


Pomegranate is native to Iran and northeast Turkey. Pomegranates also thrive in the drier climates of California and Arizona, and have been cultivated throughout the Middle East, Southern Asia, and Mediterranean region for several millennia.

In the Indian subcontinent's ancient Ayurveda system of traditional medicine, the pomegranate has been used extensively as a source of traditional remedies.

Ingredients: apple bits, raisins, carrot bits, beetroot bits, hibiscus blossoms, candied papaya bits, vanilla bits, pomegranate blossoms, cornflower blossoms.

Caffeine Content: Naturally caffeine free.

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